Create simple online polls.

Use the built-in polls to gain feedback from your Web site visitors. The Polls module allows you to add and edit survey polls to be shown on your website. Results are shown in bar chart with percentages and total votes cast. The Poll will only allow one vote per computer per poll.

Key features

  • Graphic presentation of results
    The poll results are presented as a bar chart with percentages and total votes cast.

  • Single Voting
    A poll allows each visitor to vote only once. This stops multiple voting.

  • Poll Colours
    Style how each poll graph will be shown.

  • Auto Expire
    Polls can be set to be active between set dates. Old polls can be viewed by visitors, but they will not be able to vote in them as only active polls can be used for voting purposes.

  • Real-time updates and poll results
    When visitors vote they will be able to view instant results.


  • Polls keep your website interesting and encourage your visitors to interact and express their opinions.
  • Pupils can create polls specifically for their pages or projects.