Website Design
WebBuilder comes with a variety of inbuilt templates to enable schools to get up and running as quickly as possible. We also offer a design service to create a bespoke set of page templates for your school: an opportunity to do something unique, whether this is your own design, the design from a pupil or you leave it down to us.

Create a new website design including different page layouts: £499.

Website Maintenance
Our philosophy for all our products is to empower school staff and pupils to use them independently to publish on the Internet and communicate effectively. Our products are simple to use and easy to manage.
There are times though when you just need to get things done. We understand this and can manage all or some of your website maintenance depending on your requirements. This could be help in transferring an old website or periodically updating your current one.

Update website content on a monthly basis (10 pages/month): £499/year.

We have a full range of consulting and professional services. Our knowledge and experience of learning and teaching helps schools and local authorities to implement and support pupil-focused web applications using best practice.

Example: Half-day consultancy to plan how to use a school website effectively: £399.

We provide a full range of training services for staff and administrators. We also have qualified teachers on staff who can help introduce pupils to web publishing. Our approach to training provides personalized, customer-paced training. Our preferred mode is short-bursts of one-to-one online instruction and practice, but optional on-site training packages for larger groups are also available if required. Training can be supplemented with self-study using online resources such as our downloadable manuals, online courses, video tutorials, and a searchable knowledge base.

Half-day INSET on how to use WebBuilder with pupils: £499.

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