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Manuals & Guides

User Manual (4.8) (PDF, 68kb)
WebBuilder User Manual.

Admin Manual (4.8) (PDF, 68kb)
WebBuilder Admin Manual.

Website Goals (PDF, 68kb)
Four Goals for a School Web Site.

Website Development (PDF, 233kb)
This booklet will show you the essential steps
you need to take, from the initial planning
stage through to launch.

Website Safety (PDF, 73kb)
Considering the areas where schools should exercise caution.

Style and Content Guide (PDF, 118kb)
Guidance on writing and presenting consistently on the web.

Email Courses

To support you with developing and managing your school website, we have published a couple of free email courses that anyone can subscribe to.

Learning Materials

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Colour Schemer
Colour Schemer is a colour matching application to help choose complimentary colours.

Free PowerPoint to Flash converter creates web friendly Flash movies from your PowerPoint content keeping its visual parameters and animation effects. Generated Flash presentation will look as if it has always been a Flash movie. Works well with WebBuilder.

Free online file conversion. Useful when you want to convert things like video into another format.