News Articles
Write news articles, organised by
catagory and date.

Display news articles on your website
as either a list or as 'featured' articles.

Inform visitors of your school's latest news and headlines. The News Module enables you to easily manage the news articles you want to incorporate on your site. Organize and display your news articles and announcements in a way that makes them obvious and accessible to viewers, but doesn't clutter web pages. Show a news summary linking to a more detailed article. Set automatic expiration dates for stories and have them displayed in categories.

Key features

  • Categories
    Assign a category to a news article and be able to display selected news articles from a specific category on a page.

  • Headline Linking
    Hyperlink headlines to full articles to keep news accessible yet organized neatly and compactly.

  • Auto Expire
    Protect against "old news" and stale content by setting expiration dates.

  • RSS Feed
    Visitors can subscribe to view your news as an RSS feed.

  • Features
    Highlight certain news items on your homepage using a feature box or scroller.


  • News headlines can be visible on any page, so visitors can be alerted to news articles without having to go to the news section.
  • Headlines are linked to full articles allow visitors to go directly to stories of interest. Fresh, up-to-date news increases relevance and interest of the website.