Galleries: Automatic image upload,
resizing and thumbnail creation.

The Galleries Module enables you to manage image galleries on your site. If you have sets of images you want to show together then these can be added to a gallery. The gallery automatically creates thumbnails (smaller versions) of your images to display within a web page. A visitor can click a thumbnail image within a web page and have it magnified. Visitors can also view all the images in the gallery as a slideshow.

Key features

  • Easy to Use
    The image gallery system is very simple to use and it allows you to upload and resize images and gallery categories with ease. You can also assign admin control to delegate web site image management tasks.

  • Unlimited
    Create an unlimited number of galleries. Each gallery can have unlimited images.

  • Titles
    Images galleries can include an extended description and each image with the galley can have its own description.


  • Galleries add and a dynamic element to a page which keeps your website interesting.
  • Show a larger number of images on a page without a browser overload.
  • Pupils can create images galleries specifically for their pages or projects.