Write and send newsletters online.

Create multiple newsletter lists.

Allow visitors to manage their own accounts: Choosing which newsletters to receive.

Keep parents up-to-date with email newsletters. Visitors can sign up to your email newsletters, choosing which category of newsletter they wish to receive.

Key features

  • Free Mailings
    Reach hundreds of people in minutes without paper, postage, or 3rd party e-mail service.

  • Unlimited
    There's no limits on the number of newsletters you can send. As the number of subscribers grows, the system automatically manages how the newsletters are sent.

  • Multiple Newsletter Categories
    Create newsletters for different purposes, allowing visitor to subscribe to only the newsletters they wish to receive. Also create 'private' newsletters where you decide who can receive them.

  • No Re-typing
    Copy and paste text from Word documents to make your newsletter. Newsletters can also be automatically listed and displayed as pages within your website.

  • Automated Subscriptions
    Visitors can subscribe themselves to receive newsletters. Visitors can manage their own newsletter accounts.


  • Subscribe and unsubscribe to newsletters easily, this increases satisfaction and reduces unwanted communications.
  • Newsletters can containing links to additional information on your website, encouraging interest and participation.