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What is WebBuilder?

WebBuilder is an easy to use website management system. It is designed specifically for schools allowing groups of users, both pupils and staff, to produce an effective website which reflects the ethos of the school as well as being fast and easy to update. We believe the most effective and vibrant school websites are those which are maintained by the schools themselves.

  • Complete Package 
    WebBuilder has all you need to manage a great school website: online content editing, email newsletters, news and events, pupil publishing, podcasting, polls and image galleries. School Webbuilder is easy to use and includes comprehensive manuals and online training materials.

Creating Galleries: Automatic image
upload, resizing and thumbnail creation
Improve Communication

Instantly improve your communication. Update your site wherever and whenever you choose, publicise news and events, add links to important files or forms, share images of activities and send multiple email newsletters.

  • Newsletters
    Keep parents up-to-date with email newsletters. Visitors can sign up to your email newsletters, choosing which category of newsletter they wish to receive.

  • Calendars & Events
    Create multiple calendars and event lists for activities within the school.

  • News
    Publish news articles on your site. Use the expiry options to publish content between, from or to a specific date. Visitors can also receive news and events automatically by RSS.

  • Visitor Comments
    Allow your registered website visitors to add comments to your pages, giving you feedback on the page contents.

  • Podcasting
    Upload your podcast as an MP3 file and group podcasts together in themes. Visitors can play podcasts online or subscribe to them by RSS.

  • Image Galleries
    Create a galleries by uploading sets of images, with automatic thumbnail image creation. All images within a particular gallery can be shown as a slideshow.

Manage Pages: Easy to use page editor.
Share Ownership, Save Time

Delegation of tasks is integral. Give control over different areas of the website to people who know them best, with full control over what each can edit and publish. Allow pupils and staff to publish easily, without having to learn a complicated web-publishing program. This will both save time and make sure your website is kept up-to-date and vibrant.

  • Empower Non-technical Users
    All members of your school community can contribute to the website, even if they have no technical background.

  • Browser Based and Easy to Use
    A completely browser-based solution, WebBuilder enables users to access and manage content from anywhere with a simple yet powerful user interface. WebBuilder will dramatically decrease the time it takes to keep your website updated.

  • Pupil Publishing
    A unique feature of WebBuilder is the ability to allow pupils to create pages and collaborative project sites within your website. This allows pupils to gain expertise and understanding of web publishing as well as making your website more vibrant and interesting by allowing you to celebrate the work that goes on within your school. Pupils use a simplified interface to publish with the safety of needing to have these pages approved by a member of staff before they can be viewed on your website.

Professional Templates: Look good online.
Be Professional
  • Design Templates
    WebBuilder includes professionally designed web site templates in a variety of colour combinations. You can choose from these when building your web site, add your own templates or use our design service to create a unique design for your school.

  • Website Analytics
    Comprehensive website statistics gives detailed information about how visitors interact with your website.

  • Search Engine Optimisation
    Make your website SEO-friendly by specifying title, keyword and description options for all your web pages.

  • Dynamic Menus
    Instead of spending time page structures, you can concentrate on the content. The application looks after the navigation of the site and creates dynamic menus automatically.