Calendar Events
Write news articles, organised by
catagory and date.

Display news articles on your website
as either a list or as 'featured' articles.

The Events Module enables you to easily manage the calendar events you want to incorporate into your site. Create and manage an unlimited number of calendars and events, without duplication of content or effort. Viewers of the website can customize a calendar view drawing only events of personal interest from each calendar. Increased relevance, less clutter. Visitors can also subscribe to view your events as an RSS feed.

Key features

  • Unlimited Calendars and Events
    Create as many events as you need. Assign a category to an event and be able to display selected events from a specific category on a page.

  • Headlines
    Have upcoming events automatically displayed in a list anywhere within your site. Alternatively visitors can subscribe to view your event headlines as an RSS feed.

  • Auto Expire on event lists
    Event lists show only current activities and are ordered by date.


  • Event additions are immediately reflected on all calendars and event lists, so all calendars stay clean and accurate without repetitive maintenance.
  • Calendars are the most frequently used feature of most schools' websites, so providing a truly useful one will pay great dividends in visitor satisfaction.